Return of The Villiage Idiots!

Beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder. To me towers are great structural works of art but I am biased I suppose since I am radio amateur, general radio nut and a guy who makes his living in the steel industry. But when the busy body neighborhood gestapos are in your town then look out! Here are a few stories that struck my eye today.

South Carolina: Sun City Tunes Out Ham Radio Operator’s Request For 8-foot Antenna
This guy wants to put up a modest little antenna because he lives next to the shore and is in the USCG Auxiliary. Seems reasonable enough to me. Though the article doesn’t make mention of it, until recently membership in the US Coast Guard Auxiliary required that you be a boat owner. The only exception was for radio amateurs. Wonder why? That rule has since been dropped.

Wisconsin: Village Concerned About Safety of Ham Radio Tower
Nothing empowers the neighborhood tower gestapo more than picking on a kid with cerebral palsy. The big mistake this kid (and his parents) made was not getting the zoning permits. Cover Your Ass rules always on tower construction but no doubt the village idiots would have a more difficult time taking on a local business that may not have a permit on a project who can afford a lawyer. This kid has already proven himself to be more of a public service radio amateur than most. Here are two other articles you can read about this situation. 10-Year-Old’s Radio Tower May be Illegal and Mount Pleasant Officials Will Decide on Boy’s Ham Radio Tower Wednesday Good luck little buddy. I hope you win your case.